Character Driven Content Starts With Casting The Right Characters.

Commercial Casting & Branded Content

Your client doesn’t just want epic, memorable branded content, they want conversions. With Cara Casting on your team, you’ll create content that hits the right note.

Reality Casting & Recruiting

If it’s reality casting you’re looking for – you’re in the right place. Cara Casting is a full-service casting agency, but we’re also a team player. We love working with other casting directors and recruiting for them. We’ve been told by many CD’s that we are “their secret weapon”.

Influencer Casting

We’re here to help walk you through the mystical and magical world of influencers. Whether it’s a micro or mega influencer, we can connect you with the perfect partner for your hyper-targeted campaign.

Founder, Cara Jedell

Meet Cara

Oh, hey! You might remember me from such episodics as Law & Order, The Sopranos, 7th Heaven, and The X-Files. Just kidding! No-one remembers me for my acting career, but it’s important to know that I got my start in this crazy industry that love in front of the camera. It’s what makes me an exceptional casting director. I know how to get the very best out of on-camera talent – especially non-actors.

I’ll be straight with you – I’m a native New Yorker, but LA is my home now. I’m extremely hardworking (maybe a bit of a perfectionist?), a team player, and a straight-shooter. If things are going to be a challenge – I’m going to tell it to you straight. And then we’ll figure it out together.

Production and casting are a crazy, amazing, exhausting, hilarious, frustrating, weird, and wonderful union – but we love it and wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m here to support you and I’m as passionate about your project as you are.


Hire Us

Do you need great characters for your great content? Look no further. Cara Casting is a one-stop-shop for all your casting needs. We think we’ve seen it all, but we still like to be surprised…

Reach out and tell us about your project, and let’s get it done! We focus on the casting, so you can focus on the other stuff.


Get Cast, Get Paid

Join our mailing list to be notified about current castings. It’s free to join. We will never ask you for money or charge you for a casting. Always do your research and beware of industry scammers who claim to charge fees for castings.

Even better? We pay for referrals! Even if you don’t get on a show, many projects will pay you to refer someone who is selected! Look for notices that say finders fee or referral bonus and make that $$$!


What Clients & People We've Casted Say...

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