As a casting producer, Cara makes my job easier and takes a lot of the stress of finding people to interview off my shoulders. Kimberly Kessler

Casting Producer

I was booked on a dating show it was sooooo much fun and the money was great.  I love the fact that she works hard to get you booked and she is the best. 

Athena Jackson

A big Thanks to Cara and the team for their part in inviting me to participate in a focus group, resulting in a commercial which has helped me to turn the corner financially!

Catherine Pictaggi

I am forever grateful for Cara Casting. My husband and I auditioned for a show for engaged couples. Little did we know just how magical that adventure was going to be! We got to be a part of such a wonderful show. It was so heartfelt, and amazing. We got married on “Broke Ass Bride,” and they helped our wedding dreams come true!!!! We also got to share our experience with so many people! We love you Cara!!!

Kelly and Rudy Castro

When it comes to casting and casting notifications, Cara Casting is a team that you can trust.  They are consistent in sending out notifications and following up on the shows that I do qualify for.  They got me my last TV appearance and I look forward to Cara and crew getting me my next one and many more!

Ken Juber

I just want to thank you Cara Casting for taking my submission for the new hit tv show “Secret Lives Of Americans” on Pivot. I never thought I’ll be contacted by the producers of the show, but once I got that call it was on with the nerves! Thank you Cara Casting for casting me, please keep in touch and I’m open to many more shows.

Travis Dixon

I sent an application into Cara Casting for a show, and in just 2 weeks I was there on the show with my business! Pretty crazy cool! They are friendly and different and will find the perfect casting for YOU. 


I never thought an average Joe like me would get casting information straight to my inbox without an agent. I appreciate Cara Casting because it brings me to get one step closer to Hollywood.

Whitney Howard

Hello!!! I think CARA is an awesome resource. You guys are frequent and accurate. I haven’t booked a show as of yet, but I’m sure that’s part my fault since I’ve only applied/replied to one email after joining last month. Looking forward to being more proactive and booking a show soon.

Ron Emmanuel

My name is Domenico Del Giacco. I’ve had the pleasure in being contacted my Cara Casting, although I never actually had a job with them. I can say they are very professional and reliable. They follow up with you and don’t leave you wondering. I do hope in the near future that I can book a job through them. Any consideration is greatly appreciated. Keep up with the great efficient casting service, you guys definitely have a thumbs up from me! Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for your time!

Domenico Del Giacco

Cara Casting has opened doors I could not do alone, and now I can only imagine what others dreams of today that I will live tomorrow.

Jihaad Billups

I met Cara when I first moved to California. She told me I was charismatic and would love to put me on TV. I auditioned for Baggage which is a dating show she was doing and I was selected. On top of the money I earned, I had a blast even though the girls picked someone else.

Scott Douglas

No comment. Why would I tell anyone that Cara is my secret weapon?

Lyle Dohl

The Good People Casting

Hi, my name is Tracey. I was cast and booked a MTV comedy reality show called “Greatest Party Story Ever” for Season 2. Before the casting director even called me back for a Skype interview, I just knew I wasn’t going be cast. But sure enough, she did and I was cast! Before I knew it, I was booked and set to film for an amazing opportunity for me personally. Filming was awesome and everyone was so pleasant, nice, and courteous especially my executive producer Brad Tiemann. Before I joined Cara Casting, I didn’t even think it was possible for me by a long shot. But thanks to Cara Casting, I had one of the greatest opportunities of a lifetime. Thank you so much the Cara casting team. I will forever recommend!


You have changed my life a few times and I’m so lucky to be a part of your casting. Got me in a Chevy Commercial how bad ass is that?! Love you Cara.

Chad Tepper

Cara Casting is one of the best recruiting companies that my family and I have worked with. Cara and her team are always friendly and real. Our most recent booking was on Celebrity Name Game, currently airing, and it was a blast! We are blessed to have worked with her and look forward to many more bookings!

Brandi B.Ware